Scottish charity SC000262

St John Scotland has been supporting mountain rescue teams across Scotland since 1997 and through its generosity has helped MR teams by providing funds for essential team bases and Landrovers.

The charity has provided funding to enable us to have a well equipped team base at Claddach and has also supplied funding for our team Landrovers which display the "St John Scotland" logo on the sides as recognition of the charity's continued support.

Having a well equipped team base and adequate vehicles has had a huge impact on the way the team runs.

Before help from St John Scotland, the team operated out of a small garage which had limited space and equipment and there was no team Landrover(s).

Ten other mountain rescue team across Scotland have also been helped by St John Scotland for essential team bases and Landrovers.


For more info on what St John Scotland do, not only for MRT, click on the logo below


Thanks to St John Scotland for their continued generosity and support which without, many teams would struggle to operate.