The Importance of being Prepared

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Leave details of your route

It is a good idea to let a responsible person know the details of where you are going and what you are doing. This can be achieved using an information or route card, many examples of which are available by clicking here:


Choosing the right kind kit is important to keep you warm, dry and safe. On Arran, Arran Active in Brodick is a good example of an Outdoor shop that will provide you with the right kit and some advice on what you may need.

Basically your kit should reflect the type of activity that you intend to do and the conditions you might face.


Some skills are required to remain safe on the hill and there is a vast amount of resources available to inform beginners and experienced walkers alike. Mountain skills courses are available to cover all skills required in the mountains and these are often the best way of enhancing your knowledge and skills for the mountains. Mountaineering Scotland and Glenmore Lodge both offer a range of courses.

There are many factors that go to make up how you can remain safe on the hill, such as having the right equipment and having essential skills such as navigation, knowledge of the effects of weather (use a mountain weather service), first-aid, recognition of the hazards and what to do in case of an emergency. To gather experience, don’t jump straight in at the deep end: take a progressive approach and build on the skills and experience you have already gained so that you’re not tackling things beyond your capabilities. (copyright Scottish Mountain Rescue)


Only a very small number of walkers or climbers get into difficulty in the mountains, but you must be prepared and know what to do and who to call. If you are involved in an accident in the hills, the main thing is to remain calm, assess the situation and then decide what to do;

Make sure you and the group are not in immediate danger
Give first aid to the injured
Locate your exact position
Keep warm and decide whether to descend, find shelter, remain where you are or call for help.

If you call for help in the mountains, call 999 or 112 and ask for the Police and Mountain Rescue. The following information will be required;

Location (6 figure grid reference or named location)
Number of casualties and nature of injuries
Number in the group and what equipment the group have
Your phone number and the numbers of any other mobiles in the group.

Register your mobile phone now with the 999 text service as, if the signal is weak, it still may be enough for a text message and these can only be accepted if the phone used has been pre-registered. It’s simple to do: just text the word ‘register’ to 999. You will get a reply and should then follow the instructions you are sent. This will take about two minutes of your time and could save your life.

(copyright Scottish Mountain Rescue)


Here are a few of the ways you can help with funding of the Arran Mountain Rescue

For Mountain Rescue
Call:999 or 112

and ask for Police then Mountain Rescue


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